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"Our main advantage is professionalism,
innovative thinking and doing, being "green"
and using most up-to-date equipment."
Alexej Stepanov, Founder, CEO, BEPA member
Business Like Art

Nowadays every b2c company has its own adaptive or mobile web-site. However businesses are constantly thinking of making their presence in the Internet most interesting and vividly seen for their clients. We offer you the best way - modern lateral web applications.
Our web application means constant and fast connection with your client, almost ready-made loyalty programmes, finding new clients, getting more for less money in your marketing activity.

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New HR technologies

The unique verification system of the information job applicant provides about him or herself. The system is of great help to HR, security departments, business leaders and business owners. The verification procedure takes no longer than 45 minutes!"Calligraph for business""

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E-bike Smart Sharing System

Join our International E-bike Rentals Team! You'll organize a highly profitable green business based on contemporary IT-programming and high quality equipment supply. Our motto is: "Environmental friendliness, health and freedom!"

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